Curriculum Vitae


Paul Lamarre and Melissa P. Wolf

EIDIA House Studio
PO Box 11, New York, New York 10012-0001 - 646 945 3830 studio

Paul Lamarre
1979 BFA Magna Cum Laude, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Melissa P. Wolf
1980 BFA Boston Museum School / Tufts University
1981-1983 MFA program Pratt Institute Brooklyn, New York

Lamarre and Wolf are transdisciplinary artists from New York City collaborating under the name EIDIA. They are also co-executive directors of EIDIA House, a meeting place and forum for artists, scholars, poets, writers, architects and others interested in 'idée force' the arts as an instrument for positive social change.

"The Deconsumptionists, Art As Archive", has been realized in a 48ft x 13ft semi-trailer with a solar panel array roof. This 'nomadic hybrid' functions variously as an archive, exhibition space, site for public engagement/interaction—a curatorial outpost propagating sustainable art practice. Once you are inside what is revealed is a mini-art center with 171 boxes of previously created works by EIDIA during their 24-year practice. The contents of each box are documented through a series of archival Giclée photographic prints.

For PLATO'S CAVE (2009-2015) EIDIA House Co-Directors Melissa P. Wolf and Paul Lamarre (aka EIDIA) curate invited fellow artists to create an installation with an accompanying edition for the underground space PLATO'S CAVE. EIDIA House functions as an art gallery and meeting place, collaborating with artists to create "socially radical" art forms—framed within the discipline of aesthetic research.

In 2012 Wolf and Lamarre were appointed Research Affiliates of the University of Sydney. Along with being Sundance Film Fellows, EIDIA's films have been screened in numerous film festivals. EIDIA has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and are in numerous collections. Over 200 academic institutions have acquired 'the nea tapes' documentary film.



2014 Artist residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), Department of Education and Public Engagement, DEPE, June 2014. The Deconsumptionists, Art As Archive 48ft semi-trailer was in situ at MOCAD.
2012 Lamarre and Wolf appointed Research Affiliates of the University of Sydney
2006 Santa Fe Art Institute, Residency and Scholarship
2000 The Nathan Cummings Foundation
1999 Open Society Institute, Soros Documentary Fund Fellowship
1997 Open Society Institute, Soros Documentary Fund Fellowship
1996 New York Kunsthalle, Individual Artist Grant
1994 Citizens Exchange Council / International ArtsLink Fellowship for Collaborative Projects
1989 Artists Space, Individual Artists' Grant
1987 New York Foundation for the Arts, Video Fellowship
1986 Best Non-Narrative Video, San Francisco International Film Festival
1985 The Kitchen, Media Bureau Grant and artist residency Experimental Television Center,
Owego, New York
1984 The Kitchen, Media Bureau Grant and artist residency Experimental Television Center,
Owego, New York
1983 Robert Rauschenberg "Change" Foundation Grant, Lamarre.
1982 New York City CAPS, Creative Artists Public Service Program Fellowship in Multi-Media / Video/Performance, Lamarre


EIDIA presents FOOD SEX ART The Starving Artists' Cookbook and film at Bern University of the Arts as part of a series of performance and teaching "happening" module: "Bodily Skills - Performance Skills, Cooking and Dining in Contemporary Art Practice", March 19 – 22, 2015 in La Chaux-du-Milieu, Switzerland. EIDIA’s project "The Deconsumptionists, Art As Archive" was selected by peer review for the web exhibition series: “Project Anywhere, Art at the Outermost Limits of Location-Specificity.” EIDIA is also included in the forth coming monograph of the same name. Plato's Cave continues at EIDIA House—a collaborative 'in situ' installation with edition series from artists: The Twilight Girls, Mark Shorter, Jessica Kairé and the designer Matt Delbridge.

EIDIA in "Experimental Eating", Tom Howells, editor, November 2014, publisher, Black Dog Publishing, London, features FOOD SEX ART the Starving Artists' Cookbook with essay, ISBN 9781908966407; EIDIA presented a lecture, with video and photography documentation about "The Deconsumptionists, Art As Archive" at the "Project Anywhere" conference. This first biennial conference was hosted by the School of Art, Media, and Technology Parsons The School for Design in New York City on November 13 and 14, 2014. Toledo Museum of Art Partners with Bozarts Gallery for Art and Garden Bicycle Tour on Sept. 20, featuring The Deconsumptionists, Art As Archive project; June 6 - June 29, 2014, "The Deconsumptionists, Art As Archive, In Situ" on view at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). The 48-foot semi-trailer travels from Bushwick, Brooklyn to Detroit for a month long residency at MOCAD. The DEPE Space Residency is part of MOCAD's department of education and public engagement residency program for creative and spirited individuals working on projects that focus on learning and visitor interaction.

Plato's Cave continues at EIDIA House—a collaborative 'in situ' installation with edition series, Alex Melamid, installation and performance: 'Smoke 'em Out' First National Grand Biennial Cookout Fair' July 6 – 27; John Conomos, photography and video installation: 'DADA BUSTER' September 28 – October 19; Ellen K. Levy installation : 'Colonizing Plato's Cave: Remembering the Future', December 7 -28. The DECONSUMPTIONISTS, 'Art As Archive' (2006-present)—48ft semi-trailer containing 171 boxes of art production, spanning three decades continues exhibition series in Bushwick, Brooklyn presenting, Andrea Monti, installation and performance: 'AKURUM' June 1-28, 2013; Mitch McEwen's installation: 'How To Buy a House in Detroit for the Woman You Love', September 7 – 30.

Video screening of John Cage in a newly edited (full version) for 'FOOD SEX ART the Starving Artists' Cookbook' (1986) included A night of film, video, sound & poetry for John Cag White Box (NYC) :'Flatbread Gratuity' curated by Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn NY) in the celebration of Cage in his 2012 centennial year. The DECONSUMPTIONISTS 'Art as Archive' trailer launched its first collaboration presenting Jay Critchley's performance and installation: 'The iZONE' featuring BabySkinGlove collective, November 30 to December 22. The DECONSUMPTIONISTS, 'Art As Archive', (2006-present) a 48-foot tractor-trailer containing 171 boxes of art production, spanning three decades Bushwick Artists Open Studio June 1-3; photography in group exhibition, 'Ceramica 2' May 18 - June 3, I.C.A.N. Institute of Contemporary Art in Newtown, Australia; photography in group exhibition May 18 - July 21, 'Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze,' at Grunwald Gallery of Art, Kinsey Institute, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. Plato's Cave continues at EIDIA House - a collaborative 'in situ' installations and editions: John Cage, a tribute to Cage, December 13 - December 15, Todd Ayoung 'ACTUALITY and LAUGHTER', October 27 - November 24, Chloë Bass 'Bank Vault (Bureau of Self-Recognition)', September 7 – 29. Alex Gawronski, Scott Donovan, and Carla Cescon in an exchange exhibition, 'I.C.A.N. Occupy's Plato's Cave April 13-May 12, and a one person show 'EIDIA Occupy's I.C.A.N.' EIDIA's photography installation/exhibition at I.C.A.N. Institute of Contemporary Art in Newtown, Australia, March 23-April 8. Clark Stoeckley at Plato's Cave, installation, with 24-hour performance 'Collateral Torture', January 20 to February 18.

Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), University of Sydney, Australia - Fellowship Residency and Research Affiliation with exhibition, and lectures. Visiting artist lecture Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), Melbourne, Australia. FOOD SEX ART - The Starving Artists' Cookbook, in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, on exhibit at Center for Book Arts; entitled: "With Food In Mind", April 15, 2010 – July 2, 2011. Plato's Cave continues at the EIDIA House Studio--collaborative in situ installations and editions by artists: Brad Buckley, Jim Costanzo and Todd Ayoung. Melissa P. Wolf (EIDIA) featured artist, ‘Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze’, photographic group exhibition and panel, SOMArts, San Francisco, CA. November 30, 2011 ‘Looking at Men: Then & Now,’ a panel discussion with Tanya Augsburg PhD, Carolee Schneemann, and Annie Sprinkle.

Plato's Cave at the EIDIA House Studio--collaborative in situ installations and editions by artists with Eidia: Hans Winkler, Gregory Sholotte, Elaine Angelopoulos, Anthony McCarty, and Marni Kotak. "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" screening at Rooftop Films Summer Series. "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" screening at Umami Food and Art Festival, New York, March, and an article in SLEEK magazine, winter 2009/2010.

The DECONSUMPTIONISTS begins. "The Chelsea Tapes" screened at CINEPOLIS, Hamburg Germany, September. The EIDIA House Studio launches Plato's Cave--collaborative in situ installations and editions by artists with Eidia: Beate Schlingelhoff (October) and Lisa Bateman (November).

Eidia presentation of "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" with lecture at the "Umami: Food and Art Festival" at Roulette, April 7-18. Eidia paper and lecture "Collaboration In Art, Option Or Elemental?" at the College Art Association's 96th Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas, February 20-23 2008 for the panel "The Contemporary Collaboration in an Interdisciplinary World".

DECONSUMPTION in situ installation at the Eidia House studio Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Production on new documentary video about art censorship continues entitled "1-2-3".

January 19: Human Rights Film Festival screening of "the nea tapes" Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, Florida. March 24; a screening of "the nea tapes" at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. April 21; WHAT YOUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CONSIDER ART: THE INFAMOUS HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS (NEA). This forum screened "the nea tapes" with Michelle Acuff, Assistant Professor of Art, and Sandra Murchison, Associate Professor of Art at Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi. October: SECAC/MACAA Southeastern College Art Conference and the Mid-America College Art Association conference in Nashville Tennessee at Vanderbilt University - Wolf and Lamarre present papers on "answering back" to censorship. November: Santa Fe Art Institute, DECONSUMPTION In situ installation, Artist Residency Santa Fe, New Mexico.

October 27; Artist's lecture and screening "the nea tapes" at University of Arkansas, Little Rock, as part of the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC). August; "the nea tapes" documentary 200 universities and colleges have acquired the video in the US and Canada. DECONSUMPTION in situ installation at the Eidia House studio. July; Trigger Magazine, "Profile: Wide Open" by Liberation Iannillo for new film; "WIDE OPEN: Eyes That Will Not See" (work in progress).

January; lectured with " the nea tapes " presentation at Olivet College, Olivet Michigan. May 15- June 15; "GGE" stools are exhibited at "Sustainable Living" Williamsburg, Brooklyn along with "Deconsumption" milk glass grouping, for show concurrent with the ICFF, International Furniture Fair, New York City. March - October; "Deconsumption" an Eidia House performance installation on various weekends. Based on the principal of R4- reduce, recycle, reuse, renew- "Deconsumption" constitutes a post 911 political and artistic discourse through the exchange of "junk" as performed in the basement (underground bunker) of Eidia House, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. March - September; examples of the art work of the 'incarcerated' Cincinnati artist Thomas Condon are displayed in the Eidia House. Work continues on the film about Condon, entitled, "Wide Open." September; "We Apologize" book launch at Printed Matter, New York City. Eidia collaborates with artist / designer Charwei Tsai on "We Apologize" to produce a hand bound limited edition book.. November; "the nea tapes" documentary screened at the Detroit Doc Film Festival, review, MetroTimes Detroit.

June 13; "the nea tapes" screened with panel discussion at Cambridge Multicultural Art Center with Elizabeth Bacon, Tony Toledo, and James H. Smith; Cambridge MA. June 15; "the nea tapes" screened with panel discussion at Xavier University, Cincinnati Ohio, presented by William Messer, Campaign Against Censorship in the Arts, with Cincinnati International Film Festival, International Art Critics Association-usa, and National Coalition Against Censorship. September 24; "the nea tapes" screened with visiting artists presentation at the invitation of Concordia and McGill Universities in Montreal, Canada. September 28-29; Eidia House participated in "Firstop" the second annual Williamsburg Design Weekend. October 29; "the nea tapes" screened at Vanderbilt University and a six person panel discussion with: former chair of National Endowment for the Arts, Bill Ivey; artists; Marilyn Murphy, Carlton Wilkinson, and Art and Public Policy professor, Constance Gee. December 3; "the nea tapes" screened with visiting artists presentation at the New School University, for class entitled; "Taboos, Censorship and the Subversive Image." December 16; Paul Lamarre (Eidia) performance of "My Eye" at Bowery Poetry Club, New York.

February 16; event at Eidia House to commemorate the work of the late Pierre Bourdieu; a 12 hour reading of his writings. 24 individuals from around the world participated and are videotaped, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. September 28-29; "GGE" stools are created and Eidia House participated in "Firstop" the first annual Williamsburg Design Weekend. October 22; "the nea tapes" is screened at Lowe Mill Art Center sponsored by the Huntsville AIVF Salon, Alabama. October 24; "the nea tapes" is screened at Space One Eleven in Birmingham, Alabama. October 25; "the nea tapes" is screened by Professor C. Liegh McInnis at Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi. October 27; "the nea tapes" is screened at Zeitgeist Multi-disciplinary Arts Center, New Orleans, Louisiana. November 4; "the nea tapes" screened at Hallwalls with a five person panel discussion: Celeste Lawson, Executive Director of the Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County, Ed Taylor, of the Board of Directors of NAAO, and Ed Cardoni, Executive Director of Hallwalls in Buffalo, New York. November 17-19; "the nea tapes" is screened at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism as part of "The New Gatekeepers: A Conference on Free Expression in the Arts." December 3; "the nea tapes" screened with visiting artist presentation at the Boulder Public Library sponsored by Free Speech TV, Boulder, Colorado.

February 16-25; "The Starving Artists' Cookbook Video Series" (5 part series 1986-1989), screening at Anthology Film Archive. April; "the nea tapes" website is built. May; "Deconsumption" begins. A work in progress installation / performance at Eidia House in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. June; "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" screening at Galerie Rachel Haferkamp, Köln, Germany. September 11; New York City. October 16; "the nea tapes" screening at Anthology Film Archive, New York City. November; "the nea tapes" in the Docs For Sale Selection at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Eidia House-a meeting place for ideas-formally launched, Williamsburg Brooklyn. February 26; "the nea tapes" (work in progress) screened at the College Art Association (CAA) Conference New York City introduced by Susan Ball with panel including: Maxwell Anderson, Ronald Feldman, Alan J. Friedman, Valerie Jaudon, and Mary Miss. March 11; "the nea tapes" (work in progress) screened at ASU - Arizona State University, Performance Studies International (PSi 2000) with panel discussion organized by Tanya Augsburg including David Olsen, Tim Miller, and Sheree Rose. September; "We Apologize" photographic portfolio and text created, (not published.) December; Eidia participates in "The last exhibition in the world" a group show coordinated by Julian Dashper, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin, New Zealand.

The "Line" series of galvanized steel prototypes for: bench, chairs and shelves are fabricated. August 20; "Eidia House West" a transdisciplinary installation launched in Los Angeles with readings by Chris Kraus and Sylvere Lotringer. "the nea tapes" (work in progress) screened; September 18; at the Santa Monica Film Festival, September 22 in the Capitol Building, Halls of Congress, Washington DC, October 15; at Finesilver Gallery, San Antonio, Texas. December 9; Society for Ethical Culture; Opening remarks by Norman Siegel, director New York Civil Liberties Union; with panelists: Arthur Eisenberg, legal director NYCLU; Katha Pollitt, columnist Nation Magazine; Christopher Durang, playwright; and Ted Berger, director New York Foundation for the Arts. December, 19; "the nea tapes" (work in progress) at: Judson Church, New York City.

"the nea tapes" (work in progress) broadcast as part of John Pierson's "Split Screen" show shown on Bravo (September 4) and the Independent Film Channel (August 31) Eidia artist in residency for "the nea tapes" for post production at The Building Productions, San Antonio, Texas.

June 8-July 19; "Reduce Reuse Recycle" installation, shown at VELAN Gallery, group show; "VELAN III", Turino Italy. June; screening "the nea tapes" (work in progress) at The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art; Snug Harbor. July 30-31; screening "the nea tapes" (work in progress) at The Clocktower, P.S.1 Contemporary Arts, New York City. November 7-30; "Eidia House" - a transdisciplinary installation at Peripherie Gallery at Sudhaus, Tübingen, Germany. "the nea tapes" (work in progress) screened November 12; lecture and screening "the nea tapes" (work in progress) at Oberwelt e.v. Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany.

March 30-June 24; Installation: "Kunsthalle In Situ, Eidia View" in group show "Peep Show" at New York Kunsthalle. August; Installation: "Private Dealer", a two year multi-medium performance project ends. September; The "Eidia Wall / zig-zag", a free standing magnetic steel walls is designed and fabricated, (see Eidia House studio.)

March 18-April 19; One person Exhibition, Installation: "In the Spirit of Pollock," Gina Fiore Salon. May 24; benefit event and screening for "the nea tapes" at Lombard / Freid Fine Arts. October 15-November 2; The Starving Artists' Cookbook/Video & Performance; "Great Artists of Russia" sponsored by ArtsLink grant, performed at Marat Guelman Gallery, October 28, in Moscow; Gallery 21, October 22, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Installation: "Private Dealer", a continuation of two year performance project, at 80 East 11 Street Room 223, New York City.

January 17-March 15; Installation: "Loft Living", one person show, Zand Projects, NYC. Installation: "Art Hotel", group exhibition curated by Muranushi/Lederman, Amsterdam. Video: "Starving Artists' Cookbook" screening, Center for Performance Research, Cardiff, Wales. "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" screening, Neighborhood Film/Video Project, Philadelphia, PA. September; "Private Dealer", a two year multi-medium performance project, (with Friday evening Salons) at 80 East 11 Street Room 223, New York City.

January 13 and February 26; "The Dinners" performances at Gallery LOK, NYC. February 12; Performance: "Hot Dogs", performance and installation, Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. March 24-April 17; "Domestic Bliss", Installation and bread performances with Dayton Wright, Gallery LOK, NYC. May 12-26; "Transient Décor, Room 311", curated by Saul Ostrow at the Roger Smith Hotel, NYC. September 17-October 30; "Rag Trade/Right off the Rack", group show curated by Saul Ostrow, NYC. "Friends of Thomas", summer group show, Gallery LOK, NYC. Photography: "Montage 93", group show, Rochester and Buffalo, NY, organized by CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY. September 17-October 9; "The Concrete Signal", video installation group show, curated by Robert Costa, NYC. September 18 - October 22; "Photo Discarded; Art as Experience", one person show, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY. April 15-May 15, "Urban Analysis", curated by Maynard Monrow, group show at Barbara Braathen Gallery, NYC. "Monumental Propaganda", traveling group show, New York World Financial Center, Smithsonian Institution, Bass Museum of Art and I.C.A. in Moscow, organized by Komar and Melamid. Eidia House proposal as work of art submission rejected by the National Endowment for the Arts. The first design plans are created for the Eidia House Studio Building.

January 11- February 8 Photography "war" group show, Trenkmann Gallery, NY. September 15-20; "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" video screening, Videonale, Bonner Kunstverein, Germany. "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" screening at New York University. Presented by CityLore. April 25- May 23; "Starving Artists' Banquet", Installation One person show, Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, NYC. "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" Screening & Performance in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia and Paris, France. Painting: Sculpture Center, group exhibition, NYC. Photo: "Ecstasy Show", Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, NYC. December 11; "The Russian Dinner" performance and video screening at Gallery LOK, New York City.

Book: "The Starving Artists' Cookbook", EIDIA ARTS, editor and publisher. Sculpture: April 6 - May 25 "Store Show", Richard/Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles, California. May 18; Video screening / Book publication event "The Starving Artists' Cookbook" at New York Kunsthalle. June 8-July 13; Photography "Inherent Vice", curated by Robert Mahoney with Catalogue at Center for Photography at Woodstock, NY. "New York City", group photography exhibition Max Fish, NYC. New York Sculpture: "Somewhere", Lintas: Worldwide at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York. June 8-July 21"New Fabricants", Richard Green Gallery, Los Angeles, California. November 8-30; Installation "Leviathan" in "Value", a group show curated by Robert Mahoney, Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, New York City.

February 3-March 14; Installation "Paris" in "Selections 49", Group Show at the Drawing Center, New York City.

April 11-March 6; One person show with E.I.D.I.A. Catalogue at Barbara Braathen Gallery, NYC. Installation: One Person show, five window installations in windows at One Bond Street, NYC, New York. Video: "The Starving Artists' Cookbook / Video" Series Premiere at Anthology Film Archives, New York City.

Paintings, curated by Al Hansen, The Ultimate Akademie, Köln, West Germany.

Painting, group show at Emily Sorkin Gallery, NYC. April 3; "The Starving Artists' Cookbook", (work in progress) screened at: The Palladium (Michael Todd Room), Gracie Mansion Gallery, Cityarts workshop, Japanese Nippon TV, Manhattan Cable TV. PepsiCo Summerfare. "The Chelsea Tapes", Brighton Film & Video Festival, Brighton, England. October 22-November 15; Eidia Installation "Group U.F.O." curated by Sur Rodney (Sur), Object, Photo Show, Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York City.

Sculpture, at Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York. Video screening "The Chelsea Tapes", Anthology Film Archives, New York. "The Chelsea Tapes" and "The Wedding Tape", Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York. Department of Cultural Affairs, Arts Apprenticeship Program, City Gallery, New York. San Francisco International Film Festival, San Francisco, California and broadcasted on Manhattan Cable Television via Ira Schneider's "Night Lights", New York City.

Performance/Lecture: International Center for Advanced Studies in Art, New York University, New York. Video broadcast "The Chelsea Tapes", Manhattan Cable Television via Ira Schneider's "Night Lights", New York. Timothy Greathouse Gallery, New York. 8 B.C., New York. Artist in Residence: Experimental Television Center, Owego, New York.

Installations: Windows on White, The Shuttle Theatre, Westbeth Gallery, "Artist Call," One Stop Gallery, New York. Painting: Group Show, Barbara Braathen Gallery, New York. Artist in Residence: Experimental Television Center, Owego, New York.Video: "The Chelsea Tapes", Pan Arts "Arts and Ego" exhibition, New York. Cable Television via Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York. R.A.W., Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut. White Columns, New York. Avenue B Gallery, New York.

*  *  *



Bettina Bancroft and Andrew Klink, Thomas P. Basile, Brad Buckley, Peter Carlson, Nicole J. Caruth, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Ronald Feldman, Ronald Feldman Gallery, Lea Freid, Lombard Fried Fine Arts, Peter Grass, Alex Gawronski, Agnes Gund, Al Hansen, Craig Hatkoff, Paul Judelson, Gerome Kamrowski, Jeffery Lew, Vera List, Jane Lombard, Robert Mahoney, Nina Meledandri, The Peter Michaelson Foundation, Peter and Eileen Norton, Nam June Paik and Shigeko Kubota, Ruth and Marvin Sackner, Satprakash, Willoughby Sharp, Rodney Sur, Charwei Tsai, Andrew Tarlow, Marcia Tucker, Tom Warren, Bob Witz. To name a few.


200 universities, colleges, museums and art institutions. For example:

Alberta College of Art,
Albright Knox Art Gallery,
Art Center College of Design Pasadena,
Brown University,
Banff Art Center Library,
Carnegie Mellon University,
Contemporary Art Museum Houston,
Generali Foundation, Vienna,
Harvard University Fogg Museum Library,
Illinois State University, Normal,
Michigan State University,
New York University Bobst Library,
Neuberger Museum Library, State University of New York at Purchase,
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts,
Philadelphia Museum of Art,
Rhode Island School of Design,
Rutgers University,
San Antonio Art Institute,
Stedlelijk Museum of Modern Art,
The Art Institute of Chicago,
The Cleveland Institute of Art,
The Institute of Contemporary Art, London,
The Museum of Fine Art Houston,
The Museum of Modern Art,
The National Gallery, Washington DC,
The New Museum of Con
The Sackner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry,
The Walker Art Center,
The Wexner Center for the Arts,
The Whitney Museum of Art,
Toledo Museum of Art,
University of California Los Angeles Art Library,
University of Illinois at Chicago,
University of Michigan,
Western Kentucky University,
Williams College,
Yale University Library.

A complete list upon request.


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