Under the 'umbrella' of 'eidia' (pronounced idea) exists EIDIA House: a meeting place for ideas and forum for artists, designers, scholars, poets, writers, architects and others interested in "ide'e force" - the arts as an instrument for positive social change. http://www.eidia.com/manifesto/

The intent of EIDIA House is to: broaden aesthetic research, promote a comprehensive expansion of the influence of art on a world wide basis, encourage 'green' architecture / art and create an authentic forum for social change originating from the art world.

EIDIA House evolved as a concept during the creation of "the nea tapes" documentary film and archive - a six-year project researching censorship and arts funding in America. http://www.eidia.com/neatapes1.html

DECONSUMPTION SALE resides at 14 Dunham Place, Williamsburg New York 11249. Open Wednesday - Sunday 1-6pm. Plato's Cave the exhibition series is also contained in the EIDIA House underground studioŚcurated by Melissa P. Wolf and Paul LamarreŚthe art duo known as EIDIA. In collaboration with EIDIA the Plato's Cave artists create installations with a complementary limited edition. http://www.eidia.com/plato/ Twenty-two exhibits have occurred since 2009.

As EIDIA, the Wolf / Lamarre collaboration began in the mid 1980's while Lamarre was living at the Chelsea Hotel to make the film THE CHELSEA TAPES; Wolf was cameraperson and editor. http://www.eidia.com/ctapes.html

Although EIDIA House can be anywhere, it is currently located in Brooklyn, New York. THE DECONSUMPTIONISTS, Art As Archive is a 48ft semi-trailer, traveling archive and exhibition/events space is in Toledo Ohio at Bozarts Art Gallery. Visits by appointment contact: http://bozartstoledo.blogspot.com/

Fractured Atlas is the 501c3 non-profit sponsor of the EIDIA House. https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=10112

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